Google Spam Update June 2021 | Top Critical Points

Google spam update 2021

Google officially releases news about spam in 2 parts, The first part of google spam update comes on the 23rd June and the second part on the 28th June. But there is no need to worry for an average website owner, publisher and SEO. They recently include many new features and algorithms.

On 23rd June, Google tweeted about new updates. Twitted by Google, “We have released a google spam update on our system as part of our regular work to improve our results,”

This is not like other typical updates that roll out days and days to implement. Although, on Twitter, Danny Sullivan replies to answer about these. The updates are already implemented on the same day of release and also these updates are global and cover currently all web pages and images result.

Nowadays, Google talking strict action against spamming websites, malware forms, phasing scams to make sure about our safety, according to the latest information google filter more than 25 billion sites that include google spam, malware, attacks. So, our searching stays safe and we find the exact information we needed.

Google announce the core update in early June and they have another plan in July. These updates are related to the core of the search system. So, it might affect your site and how your site is showing in search results.

Google I/O was held at the end of May. Lots of sections and videos are available on their sites. In I/O they also introduce the MUM or Multitask Unified Modal and other machine learning models (artificial Intelligence) technologies. It’s not the end of SEO but these models help in following activities like refining content, removal of same syndromes and more.

In the 23rd June google spam update, Google recently launched a share location-based on content policed. It’s for all content policies around search. This will make it easier for you to find any specific policy based on location. And the last but not least, they talk about the “Generic Rich Search” that may appear on Search Console. This will help you to focus on Bigger images.

They have a bunch of other updates about Search Console, User experience and ranking let have a look into it.

Core Web Vitals & page experience ranking change

Core Web Vitals allows you to measure the user experience of your web page that helps you to rank your page. Core Web Vitals use different elements to take analysis circumstances and make the report. It includes HTTP/HTTPS, responsiveness and reloading speed. It also monitors changes such as announced cumulative layout shit of LCS (changing without any warning) is live among all URLs and in Search Console Insights.

The point is that the data in Search Console is Based on the user experience data store in the browser as aggregated over 28 days. They also mention that the ranking changes will time. They said google span update 2021 will be complete until August, So, we have time to fixed and update our sites for better results.

Search Console Insights (BETA)

Google Search Console is a better way to find out how your site is doing on the Google search. After verifying your website, you will get tons of information about your site. Like how people are finding your site, where these all traffics are coming from and what are the issues in your site and how to solve them to make it easier to find by others by updating google spam algorithm.

Negative regex

After the huge response about the regex, functionality google launched another google spam update name “Negative regex”. It works on the information that does not match your requirements. Just like you’re using regex to cover all of your brand names and then use negative regex to find out what names are not matching. This will help you to split unbranded search from your branded search.

Recently they introduce “Search Console Insight”. Search Console and Google Analytics help to collect tons of information but sometimes it gets too much. Search Console Insight takes this information and provides us fantastic and easy to understand overview. This will help them to understand how their work or site is going. It also saves too much time.

RSS update

RSS is an XML file or web feed format that allows applications to syndicate information to websites in a specific computer-readable format. Traditionally it used to provide information to websites about new articles and posts to subscribers, so we don’t miss any updates.

Well, it’s not new but recently mention in Google I/O, the big Google Conference that it will allow the user to follow blogs and websites. Just like the following button in chrome. ATM this option is only available in the US in English. Your website is already using an RSS feed then it will automatically be implanted on your site.

To enhance the speed of the update, should try Web Sub which also searches support. You can check more information about the June google spam update on Google official blog.


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