How to Implement Remote Work Successfully

We have learned a lot about remote working in the last 2 years. It was forced upon us in order to protect public health; but at that time, we found that many people enjoyed the new work arrangement. Many workers have cited an increase in productivity and job satisfaction since they began working from home. […]

The Sunday Salon: When To Blog?

When to Blog?   This week I want to talk a little bit about when to blog. I have been getting myself more organized this week (blog-wise) and the thought has popped into my head many, many, many times. More to follow at the site: Being a stay-at-home Mom means my kids come first. Always. Though its more […]


Human Computer Interaction is defined as how a human interacts with an Interface on a Machine. Today we’ll decode some of the aspects where a user interacts with a specific computerized platform and discuss how it affects human behavior by featuring two good and bad examples. Disclaimer:( The examples are taken specifically to the person, […]