The Sunday Salon: When To Blog?

When to Blog?


This week I want to talk a little bit about when to blog. I have been getting myself more organized this week (blog-wise) and the thought has popped into my head many, many, many times.

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Being a stay-at-home Mom means my kids come first. Always. Though its more like they demand it and usually in the most obnoxious way possible. (But they ARE 4 and 2 so I guess it comes with the territory.) Sometimes I will stumble upon a blog of someone who has many children and I think, “How do they DO this?!” Do they have some sort of secret?

I also tend to blog the best mid-morning (after coffee as that is very important.) My focus is much more clear as the day is so new and parenting two young ones haven’t yet taken its toll for the day. Every night when they are in bed at around 8pm-8:30 I always think what a wonderful time it WOULD be to blog but by then my mind is close to shutting off and I just want to lay in bed next to my husband and read a good book.

When do YOU Blog?

I would love for you to answer the following questions:


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