IoT Based Home Automation System Over Cloud – Creative Project 2021

Research Title: IoT Based Home Automation System Over Cloud

Topic: Machine Learning & IoT

Summarized Paper:

This project is based on IoT where all the concerned devices are interconnected with each other and making those things interacting with human beings by making objects intelligent and programmable. IoT is integrated into this system featuring machine learning, as the project mainly focused on the making of a Home automation system based on IoT so that users can automate all the connected devices easily and the appliances where the merging of the items are done to coninterelate operations over cloud connection.

The user’s behavior sends the results using sensors and using wifi sensor connections. The decision tree is then implemented to provide the user a formal way of decision making. The decision tree acquires the results for all appliances then is provided to the user panel, and then the information containing the home appliances are stored and specific queries are formulated to provide instruction to an individual device.

System Architecture for Home Automation System:

System Architecture for Home Automation System

 Steps to Implement the System:

Implementation is the physical installation of all the devices over the house. And the database is utilized over cloud storage so all the operations can be automated by the user anywhere any time. 

Here’s we see how the circuit diagram is implemented and what steps are involved in it to the installation of the machinery and devices.

  1. The wifi option is enabled to maintain a seamless connection between the client/server network
  1. The Wifi Module System is then implemented
  2. Digital Pins on the Wifi Module is attached to every operable device in the house whether it is electronic or electrical.
  3. Node MCU is then connected to a relay, so the heavy voltage is converted to the low-level volts.
  4. C-Program is written and implemented in the CPU chip on the Node MCU, so the actions are specified using the control instructions generated by the program over the inputs.
  5. The Cloud Interface then specifies the interface for the user to manage the appliances over remote connection anywhere and anytime. The user can also automate many such operations
  6. Socket Programming is required to maintain multiple threads, it can be done on python so the reliable client-server connection can then be achieved.
  7. Appliances are successfully connected and monitored.

Circuit Diagram:

Circuit DiagramSystem Architecture for Home Automation System

The above circuit diagram is based on the above-featured steps previously. Node MCU is connected over the chip where the DHT11 is attached to the D1 and a light-dependent resistor on the A1.quad setup relay is connected to the NODE MCU.quad setup potentiometer for studying potential difference and quad setup relays are connected in the side by side mechanism.DHT11 is used to control the speed of the DC motor which is connected to the potentiometer.LDR makes the light on and off dependent on the resistance level of the diode based on the intensity of light.

Node MCU is connected to the battery providing nine volts where the second nine volts battery is used for Light-emitting diodes and DC motor.

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The above project has been completed and generated the required results where the home automation mechanism is well operated over the cloud connection, example when it’s dark the lights get turned off and then can also be manually operated by users over the remote connection.

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The Above demonstration is based on the IoT where it is defined as the internet of things based on the machine learning and user behavior over various mechanism. The AI implemented in the programming studies the user behavior and then specifies every action based on the user schedule that’s how we implemented the machine learning mechanism and AI.


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